Six River Farm SEEDLINGS SALE 2023

We are excited to be offering a wide range of veggie seedlings as well as some herbs and cut flower seedlings for sale again this year! We will have seedlings for sale from April through June.

Please note that we will not be offering any pre-orders for seedlings, but we will have plenty for sale! Once our seedlings are ready for sale, you will be able to find our whole selection of seedlings out for sale at our farm stand each day that it is open and a somewhat more limited selection for sale at each of our farmers markets (due to space constraints). If you would like to know exactly what seedlings are available for sale each week this spring as they become ready, please sign up for our twice weekly email list.

Thank you for considering planting your garden with our seedlings!

Prices: $6 per 6-pack and $6 per 3” pot


Bok Choi, 6-pack

Broccoli, 6-pack

Broccoli, Sprouting, (Full sized plant producing many tender side shoots with small florets). 6-pack

Brussels Sprouts, 6-pack

Cabbage, (mixed green and red varieties). 6-pack

Cauliflower, (mixed varieties of white, orange, and purple cauliflowers). 6-pack

Celery, 6-pack.

•Cucumber, Pickling , 6-pack

•Cucumbers, Slicing, 6-pack

•Eggplant, (Italian variety). 3” pot

•Eggplant, (Japanese variety). 3” pot

•Kale, Green, 6-pack

•Kale, Lacinato, 6-pack

•Kohlrabi, (mixed green and red varieties). 6-pack

•Leeks, 3” pot

•Lettuce, (mixed varieties of head lettuce). 6-pack

•Onions, Red, 3” pot

Onions, Yellow, 3” pot

•Pepper, Bell, (Green ripening to red bell pepper variety). 3” pot

•Pepper, Sweet Italian, (Green ripening to red. Sweet long Italian variety, earlier to ripen than bell pepper). 3” pot

•Pepper, Jalepeno, 3” pot

•Pepper, Poblano, 3” pot

•Pepper, Shishito, 3” pot

•Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lantern, 6-pack

•Shallots, 3” pot

•Spinach, 6-pack

•Swiss Chard, 6-pack

•Tomato, Cherry, 3” pot

•Tomato, Heirloom, 3” pot

•Tomato, Heirloom, ‘Cherokee Carbon’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Heirloom, ‘Green Zebra’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Heirloom, ‘Striped German’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Heirloom, ‘Valencia’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Paste, ‘San Marzano’. 3” pot

Tomato, Paste, ‘Speckled Roman’ 3” pot

•Tomato, Plum, ‘Verona’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Red, ‘Big Beef’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Red, ‘New Girl’. 3” pot

•Tomato, Red, ‘Patio’. 3” pot

•Winter Squash, Butternut, ‘Tiana’. 6-pack

•Winter Squash, Delicata, ‘Havana’. 6-pack

•Winter Squash, Sunshine, ‘Sunshine’. 6-pack

•Zucchini/ Summer Squash, ‘Green Machine’ ‘Zephyr’ (a mix of a green zucchini variety and a specialty summer squash variety that is yellow with a green end). 6-pack


Basil, ‘Amethyst’ (purple variety) 3” pot.

Basil, ‘Prospera’ (green Italian variety) 3” pot

•Chives. 3” pot

•Cilantro, ‘Calypso’. 6-pack

•Dill, ‘Teddy’. 6-pack

•Lavender, ‘Munstead’. 3” pot

•Mint, ‘Peppermint’. 3” pot

•Mint, ‘Spearmint’. 3” pot

•Parsley, Curly, ‘Katinka’. 3” pot

•Parsley, Flat, ‘Italian Flat Leaf’. 3” pot

•Oregano, ‘Italian’. 3” pot

•Rosemary, ‘BBQ’. 3” pot

•Rosemary, ‘Salem’. 3” pot

•Sage, ‘Grower’s Friend’. 3” pot

•Tarragon, ‘French’. 3” pot

•Thyme, ‘French’. 3” pot

•Thyme, ‘English’. 3” pot


•Cosmos, ‘Sensation Blend’. 6-pack

•Marigolds, ‘Dark Orange’. 6-pack

•Marigolds, ‘Giant Orange’ ‘Giant Yellow’ (mixed varieties of large flowering marigolds). 6- pack

•Morning Glory, ‘Heavenly Blue’. 6-pack

•Nasturium, ‘Dwarf Jewel Mix’. 6-pack

•Sunflowers, (mixed colors of single and double stemmed varieties) 6-pack

•Sunflowers, (mammoth type) 6-pack

•Zinnia, 6-pack

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