Farm Stand

Our self-serve farm stand is open year round!

Our farm stand is located at 52 Center Point Rd in Bowdoinham, Maine.

To make sure that you and our veggies are comfortable year round, our farm stand is set up in the open part of our gray barn from May through November and then we move it inside our heated greenhouse (located directly next to our barn) from December through April.


Tuesdays- Fridays 9am-4pm*

Saturdays-Sundays 9am-3pm

Closed Mondays

*4pm weekday closing time December- April, 6pm weekday closing time May- November

Our farm stand is self serve. It is stocked all year round with a wide range of fresh, organic produce from our farm along with our organic berries and cut flowers when in season. The farm stand also has our full range of our own organic seedlings out for sale in the spring. Everything grown on our farm is certified organic by MOFGA.

We only sell produce and seedlings grown on our farm, but we do also some times have other items for sale from local producers. All items for sale from anyone else are clearly marked and may not necessarily be organic.

There is a container to pay with either cash or a check. There is a cookie tin with change if you need it when paying cash. Alternatively, you can pay on-line using PayPal or a credit card (see below).

Online Credit Card or PayPal Payment

If you would like to pay for a farm stand purchase with a credit card or PayPal Account, please click on the button below. Enter the total amount of your purchase in the Price per Item box and then press Continue to enter your credit card or PayPal information.

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