We are a diverse, organic vegetable farm located on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine.  We grow eighteen acres of vegetables on thirty-five acres of land. Our farm is owned and operated by Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin.  We operate year-round with a crew of dedicated, hard working employees. We strive to provide our customers with a wide range of healthy produce that can be accessed at our farmers markets, our new farm stand, at local grocery stores, and enjoyed at restaurants in the area.

Covid-19 Update

With the coronavirus now in Maine, it is a priority for us to keep our family, our employees, and our customers healthy in the coming months.  We are working hard to provide you with safe spaces to access our healthy, nutritious food. Please read below for information on where you can find our produce during this time and how we are operating at different points of sale to keep everyone healthy.  We will update this webpage regularly, but please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the most up to date information about our farm and where to find our produce during this time. You can also sign up for our email service to receive regular emails letting customers know where to find our produce, what we have available, and any important additional information about our farm and how to access our produce.  

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Where to find our produce now

Our Farmers Markets

This Saturday (3/21) our farm will again have a market stall set up at 30 Federal St in Brunswick.  We will be outside in the parking lot of Coastal Enterprises Inc. from 9am-12:30pm. 

To facilitate the fastest and safest shopping at our stand at this time, we will Only be offering pre-bagged vegetables.  We will have pre-packed vegetables available in the following ways:

  • $5 bags of roots: carrots, parsnips, red beets, yellow onions, sweet potatoes. Of note: Many of you have been asking, but unfortunately, we are out of regular potatoes until the summer.  Other farms do still have potatoes available.
  • $20 grab and go bags in two options:
    • Bags marked #1 are filled with 50% salad and cooking greens and 50% mixed roots
    • Bags marked #2 are filled with 33% salad greens, 33% cooking greens, 33% miscellaneous crops such as bunches of raab, leeks, scallions
  • $40 grab and go boxes: These boxes will offer the widest selection of greens and roots and other crops that we have available on the farm right now.

Of note: The exact contents of the Grab and Go bags and boxes will vary slightly depending on availability on the farm.

How we are currently operating our farmers markets:

Our current plan is to set up two market tents 10 feet apart from each other.  Each tent will have exactly the same full selection of our pre-bagged produce options.  We ask that only one customer be at a tent at one time.  We ask that all other customers remain at least six feet away from the tent and other individuals until the tent is free for you to shop. 

Other Pick-Up Options:

  • If you would like some of our produce but do not feel comfortable getting out of your car to come to our market tent, you can park and call or send Nate a text with your order (449-9724). 
    • He, or another staff member from our farm, can then deliver your order outside your car door. 
    • You can leave payment outside your door for them.
  • If you know of anyone who is not able to leave their home at this time, please consider getting some produce for them and leaving it on their front door to pick up. 
  • Please let us know if you know of anyone who needs help safely getting produce that you are not able to assist yourself.  We do not have a general delivery option set up at this time as it is currently beyond our farm’s capacity.  However, we are committed to getting vegetables to everyone and to helping those who are unable to leave their homes at this time. 
  • We will make a delivery happen for those individuals if it is wanted.  Please be in touch via email at  sixriverfarm@gmail.com or call or text me, Gabrielle: 607-1970 or Nate: 449-9724

Our current plan is to have this same market set up at 9 Cleveland St in Brunswick from 9am-12:30pm on Tuesday.  We will be set up outside in the parking lot of the Pilgrim House of the First Parish Church.



9 Cleaveland St.  Brunswick, ME

This market will be held OUTSIDE in the parking lot of the Pilgrim House of the First Parish Church.



30 Federal St.  Brunswick, ME

This market will be held OUTSIDE in the parking lot of Coastal Enterprises Inc. 

Our Farm Stand

Seven Days a Week


52 Center Point Rd.  Bowdoinham, ME

This stand is OUTSIDE at our farm next to our gray barn.

How we are currently operating our farm stand:

Our self serve farm stand will continue to remain open seven days a week from 8am-6pm. 

  • It is located in the open left side of our gray barn at 52 Center Point Rd in Bowdoinham.  Our farm stand is stocked with $5 bags of roots and $20 grab and go bags.  There is a container for exact change or checks.
  •  Eggs ($5/dozen) and whole wheat pita bread ($4/ pack of four) from Scratch Farm in Bowdoin will also be available at our farm stand on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We regularly check and restock the farm stand throughout each day.  If we are ever out of something when you arrive, please call us and we will get produce to you as soon as possible. 

Local Grocery Stores

We will continue to sell our produce to local grocery stores.  You can find a selection of our vegetables at:

 Morning Glory and Hannafords in Brunswick

Royal River in Freeport

We are making extra deliveries to these stores through the week as needed and as we are able.  

Local Restaurants

Many wonderful restaurants in the area also use our produce in their delicious food.  These restaurants include Harraseekett Inn, Salt Pine Social, Tao, Lio, Enoteca Athena, Vessel and Vine, and Taverna Khione.  

Please contact these restaurants to find out how you can continue to support them during this time.

Following us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) provides you with the most current updates about our farm and where to find our products during this time.  We will also continue to send out emails with updates. 

As always, we welcome any feedback. 
Thank you so very much.  We truly appreciate all of your support and we wish everyone the very best during this difficult time.


Get in Touch

Nate Drummond (207) 449-9724

Gabrielle Gosselin (207) 607-1970

52 Centers Point Road
Bowdoinham, Maine 04008