We are a diverse, organic vegetable farm located on the shores of Merrymeeting Bay in Bowdoinham, Maine.  We grow eighteen acres of vegetables on thirty-five acres of land. Our farm is owned and operated by Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin.  We operate year-round with a crew of dedicated, hard working employees. We strive to provide our customers with a wide range of healthy produce that can be accessed at our farmers markets, our new farm stand, at local grocery stores, and enjoyed at restaurants in the area.

Covid-19 Update

With the coronavirus now in Maine, it is a priority for us to keep our family, our employees, and our customers healthy in the coming months.  We are working hard to provide you with safe spaces to access our healthy, nutritious food. Please read below for information on where you can find our produce during this time and how we are operating at different points of sale to keep everyone healthy.  We will update this webpage regularly, but please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for the most up to date information about our farm and where to find our produce during this time. You can also sign up for our email service to receive regular emails letting customers know where to find our produce, what we have available, and any important additional information about our farm and how to access our produce.  

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Where to find our produce now

Our Farmers Markets

Please note that due Covid-19 we will be selling OUTSIDE throughout the winter. Our attendance will be weather dependent



Parking lot of the CEI building

30 Federal St. Brunswick



Parking lot of the Ft. Andross Building

14 Maine St. Brunswick.

Of note at the Saturday market:  We are setting up as part of the Brunswick Winter Market. There are additional vendors setting up in the market’s normal location inside the Ft. Andross building.

For everyone’s health during this time, all of our farmers markets are asking that all customers please:
1. Remain at home if unwell
2.  Wash hands before and after attending market.  Use your own hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer available at stands while shopping.
3.  Use physical distancing: Please stay at least six feet apart from other customers and vendors when in line and when moving around the markets
4. Wear a face covering while shopping at the farmers markets

How we are currently operating our farmers markets:

We are now setting up as a full service market stand.  Our staff will help each individual customer one at a time, gathering items the customer asks for and then placing them all on a checkout table.  To maintain a safe physical distance between customers and staff, we will have a barrier (flagging tape) around our farmers market stand.  We ask that customers do not reach past the flagging tape.  Only our staff will touch the produce that we have for sale.   

At checkout there is a container for customers to pay with cash or check.  We will have a credit card payment option available with a chip reader so customers are the only ones touching their own credit card.  Apple Pay and wireless pay are available to those who want to use that option.  (***Our staff will wash hands regularly throughout the market.  We will also have hand sanitizer available for customer use at the checkout table.)

Additionally, we will have signs indicating where customers should stand to wait their turn and have flags to indicate where customers should stand safely apart in line.   

We recognize that this style of shopping at our farmers markets will take a bit of getting used to and will also require some patience as we help each of you individually, but as we have a greater selection of vegetables over the season, we feel that this is the best way to offer our produce to you safely at the farmers market.  

If you would like some of our produce but do not feel comfortable getting out of your car to come to our market tent, you can park and call or send Nate a text with your order (449-9724).  He, or another staff member from our farm, can then deliver your order outside your car door.  You can leave payment outside your door for them or use our online payment option below.

If you know of anyone who is not able to leave their home at this time, please consider getting some produce for them and leaving it on their front door to pick up. 

Of note: We have decided not to pre-bag certain items any longer.  We feel strongly that this decision creates no added health risks in relation to the transmission of CoVid-19.  While there is a risk for the transmission of Covid-19 through contact with contaminated surfaces, plastic is no safer in this regard than is uncovered produce .  Our staff will continue to always be diligent about hand washing and, at our farm stand, we continue to ask that you only touch what you are buying.  

We no longer offer $20 Grab and Go bags, and we only offer the Family Boxes ($40) as a pre-order.  If you would like to purchase a Family Box please email us at sixriverfarm@gmail.com no later than 4pm the day before your desired purchase.  In your email please tell us:
1. How many boxes you would like
2. The date you want to buy them
3. Whether you want to pick up at our farmers market in Brunswick or at our farm stand in Bowdoinham.  
When you receive a confirmation email from us then you will know your order will be ready for you on the requested date.  ***Please note that the exact contents of the Family Boxes will continue to vary.  We cannot accommodate requests for specific items to be included or not included in your Family Box. When looking to buy specific items from our farm, please just shop as usual from our wide selection of individual items offered for sale at our farmers markets and at our farm stand.  Also, please note that produce prices are not discounted if you order a Family Box.

Our Farm Stand… Is Open All Winter!


  • Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-6pm 
  • Saturdays-Sundays 9am-3pm


  • Mondays

52 Center Point Rd.  Bowdoinham, ME

This stand is Inside a greenhouse at our farm.

How we are currently operating our farm stand:

Our self serve farm stand is open Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-6pm and Saturdays-Sundays 9am-3pm

  • It is located in our greenhouse to the left of the gray barn at 52 Center Point Rd in Bowdoinham.  Our farm stand is stocked with a wide range of fresh, organic produce from our farm. 
  • There is a container to pay with either cash or a check. There is a cookie tin with change if you need it when paying cash. Alternatively, you can pay on-line using PayPal or a credit card (see below).
  • For everyone’s health, we ask that all customers shopping at our farm stand wear a mask and that only one person or one family unit is inside the greenhouse at a time. If you are waiting to shop, we ask that you please wait outside the greenhouse until the previous customer exits. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we do our best to ensure that our farm stand is a safe place for all of our customers.

We regularly check and restock the farm stand throughout each day.  What we have available at the farm stand varies from day to day and throughout each day. Please know that we are working hard to keep it stocked with as wide of a range of produce as is available on our farm given the current season and weather. If you are interested in regular updates about available produce from our farm, please sign up for our customer emails.

Online Credit Card or PayPal Payment

If you would like to pay for a farm stand purchase with a credit card or PayPal Account, please click on the button below. Enter the total amount of your purchase in the Price per Item box and then press Continue to enter your credit card or PayPal information. You may use this method of payment on your mobile device while at our farm stand or you may wait and pay from your computer once you are back at your home.

Local Grocery Stores

We will continue to sell our produce to local grocery stores.  You can find a selection of our vegetables at:

 Morning Glory and Hannafords in Brunswick

Royal River in Freeport

Local Restaurants

Many wonderful restaurants in the area also use our produce in their delicious food.  These restaurants include Harraseekett Inn, Salt Pine Social, Tao, Lio, Enoteca Athena, Vessel and Vine, and Taverna Khione.  

Please contact these restaurants to find out how you can continue to support them during this time.

Following us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) provides you with the most current updates about our farm and where to find our products during this time.  We will also continue to send out emails with updates. 

As always, we welcome any feedback. 
Thank you so very much.  We truly appreciate all of your support and we wish everyone the very best during this difficult time.


Get in Touch

Nate Drummond (207) 449-9724

Gabrielle Gosselin (207) 607-1970

52 Centers Point Road
Bowdoinham, Maine 04008